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The Runners Four

by Deerhoof

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Deerhoof play with a primal abandon and molten group chemistry that remains untamed since the band's early days. Still, at nearly twice the length of their previous albums, "The Runners Four" is more complex and challenging than anything they've recorded. This is more than rock; it's a wholesale rewrite of the rock and roll dictionary. Deerhoof herald the era of the defiant DIY album. The Runners Four: a quartet of racers, chasers, messengers, even smugglers, gleefully smashing through outmoded boundaries, bearing gifts of sonic contraband. This is Deerhoof's magnificent autobiography.


released October 11, 2005



all rights reserved


Deerhoof San Francisco, California


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Track Name: Chatterboxes
In pencil lines of ages past,
Idea maps were being drawn
Over the world.

Storytime in your wildest mind.
What a wonderful
Magic animal.

Mother to child,
Singing a long song.

Set sail, seaworthy vessel.
Fill your holds with the sound
Of daughters and sons
Wagging their tongues.

Written down in ink so clear,
Voices of a yesteryear.
Dreams are whispered in an ear.
Track Name: Twin Killers
Tale of the traitors;
Pretty pretty twin sisters.
Be kind, be shy were all lies.
Witty wicked destroyers.
Tale of killers.
They're killers.
Showed my back and so long.

Never be traitors.
Pretty pretty twin sisters.
So fine, so shine what we had.
Tricky two heads deceivers.
Track Name: Running Thoughts
They were called The Runners Four.
Always slipping through the back door
When they come ashore,
Sneaking through their precious load,
Cheating customs in a speedboat.

When they come in from far away,
Oh, they never can stay.
They fly away to other skies
With the sun in their eyes.

Make their entrance two by two
Bringing us a thought that's so new,
Whistling secret tunes
And smuggling through their precious smile,
Breaking customs for a short while.
Track Name: Vivid Cheek Love Song
Baby baby hi five.
Baby baby say hi.
Little little ones.
Mon ami nna.
Take my hands now.
Walk to where you like.
Streets are flowers.

Kites are flying by.
Winter turns summer.
Sense will be hi-fi.

Love, love, love, la, la, la...

Baby, you promise me
You will magic me. Magic me.
Promise me. Magic me.

Hearts are closer.
Sing a song we like.
Laugh together.

I'll paint your cheek colorfully.
Will you like it to be blue, red or green?
Track Name: O'Malley, Former Underdog
When you're overly confident,
Then it's over before beginning the good part.
Everybody fades away.
Waves.. waves carrying them away.
Wait.. wait,
O'Malley, O'Malley, O'Malley..
O'Malley, O'Malley, O'Malley,
Sing with me, sing with me, sing with me
Or I won't even sing.

Hooray, hooray,
O'Malley, run.
Hooray, hooray,
O'Malley, fun.
Used to be the underdog,
Hooray, O'Malley, run.
But you're overly confident.
So it's over before beginning the good part.
Everybody fades away;
We got carried away.
Track Name: Odyssey
Pirates on an odyssey.
We ask our captain "What will be?"
When winter is gone,
We might be wrong.
My companions focus me
On the bright real sun.
You're my reason to go.

Careless whither I be led.
Careless whither I be led.
How long will we last
Out on the sea?

Talking people happily;
When they're right feel wrong.
You're my real home
Out on the sea.
Track Name: Wrong Time Capsule
Here's a message she would say:
"Don't forget me yesterday
'Cause today's no place to stay.
Will you spirit me away?
You spirit me away.

When you hunger number one.
It's no wonder under fun.
Don't be mean to see the green.
You get caught in the machine.
You're caught in the machine.

Bend the machine
See the pendulum swing and go in between.
Skip the waves, syncopate
Forwards backwards
Track Name: Spirit Ditties Of No Tone
Bless spirit ditties of no tone.
Modulate more silence.

You and I may forsee.
We can be history,
Painted on wall that's near
Ought to.
Montage fragments.
Ditties of no tone.
Montage fragments.
Ditties of no tone.

Bless spirit ditties of no tone.
Modulate more silence.

Bless spirit ditties of no tone.
Modulate more silence.
Track Name: Scream Team
Guiding you, a voice is coming from behind the stage.
Finding you, a voice is found on a missing page.
Winding through, a plot controller from another age.

Pulling the cord of mystery.
Cheating a clock.
Meeting a team from history.

A stranger's face is seen,
But was he on our team?
The lights go out and everybody screamed, "team."
A friend who was a foe.
The quarter whistle is about to blow.
Then I go.

Tunnel underground-
Enter sideways, reaching all around.
In the darkness I will not be found.

Invisible people doing the wave.
Invisible people doing the wave.
Invisible people doing the wave.
Track Name: You Can See
Your legs don't work and you're caught in the light.
You can see through the walls so nothing is right.
There's a man in the cellar next door
And he's scratching the floor fifty miles away.
You didn't know him till today.

You're walking home and your heart has been drained,
But you're eyes have been newly trained
And the roof is invisible now.
It's incredible how you were ever blind.
Now you will always find:
Rooms are connected,
Eyes are perfected,
Hey, now, now,
Hey, now, now,
You can see.

Something you shouldn't be.
Something suddenly free.
What will happen now if:
The eyes are too strong?
The horizon's too long?
I can see, I can see.
But Mama says it's wrong.

In the night I'll lose it.
It's not right but I'll use it.
I can see, I can see.

As my lungs fill with air
And the world is laid bare,
What will happen to me?
The warning says, "you can see."
You will forever riddle.
Track Name: Midnight Bicycle Mystery
I ride the bike at night.
Not lie.
I heard the footstepping sounds come after me.
Turning the corner,
I see no one.

The turner.
The runner.
The turner.
The runner.
The turner.
Track Name: After Me The Deluge
Hello lover, I can't do you harm.
Middle lover, I did do you harm whenever I want to.
Oh no, the ladder collapsing.
Oh no, the ladder collapsing.
Oh no, the ladder collapsing.
The matter relaxing.
The girl (the boy) can't sing.

Lover running backwards now.
Lover it is now.

Then tomorrow crashes down
At a hundred miles an hour and it's sour.
The goodbye, the goodbye;
The lover sighs.

Tomorrow crashes down,
One-hundred miles an hour.
Track Name: Siriustar
Boom, light that fire.
Howl, howl, howl.
Deergod's eyes.
Wild music of the hoof playing in big fire.
Boom, light that fire.
Howl, howl, howl.
Lunatic night rises.
Sonic of the moon flips them inside out.

Glowing slowly.

Sonic of the moon lifts us to higher.
You got to rouse now.
How, how, how?
Be a Siriustar.
Nobody's no more fools you to think how.
No gabs about them.
No, no, no.
Open your eyes wide.

Breathe sets you free.

Count the stars.
Be blind to see.
Whisper I will seek out
A luminous tonight.
Sights are fading.

Revive your fire.
Now, now, now.
We have wolf minds.
Knock your door of the minds hard to wake them up.
Bark to the moon loud.
Shout, shout, shout.
Make a wish come true.

Glare eternity.
Track Name: Lemon & Little Lemon
Farmer wins a trophy and hands it to you.
The little lemon hides its rind.
Sour person's double mind,
Who won't let go of you.
A troubled team, a little lemon who
Still lives inside of you.

The tree won't bend and make the shade.
Twenty persons' lemonade,
Who want too much from you.
A troubled team of little lemons who
Still live inside of you.

A little sibling makes the choice for two.
Which one was you?
Lemon and little lemon..
Lemon and little lemon,
Growing too low.
Track Name: Lightening Rod, Run
Stuck to the roof,
Skinny man smiles to the skies and
Waits for a new day.

Dots and a dash,
Warning flash,
Energy surging;
Costly vitality.

Lightning rod, run.
Lightning rod,
Still tied down to the ground.

Lightning rod, run.
Lightning rod,
He sees cracks in the clouds.

Run, run, run.
Run, run, run.
Run, run, run.
Run, run, run...
Track Name: Bone-Dry
Are you a dry kind of one?
Do tell me.
Show me your tongue
And I'll make you healthy.

Peppercorn, peppercorn.
Peppercorn, peppercorn.

I'm very cold, and I'm wet.
My tummy.
But peppercorn, true to form,
Can't help me.

Wading salty waters of this river.
I noticed that a heart was getting bigger-
It grew twice its size.

Peppercorn, peppercorn.
Peppercorn, peppercorn.
Track Name: Spy On You
Spy on you, spy on you.
Follow you, follow you.
Spy on you, spy on you.
After you, after you.

Under investigation.
I have your information.

Hiding, finding-
Hiding, finding-
Always there.

Spy on you, spy on you.
After you, after you.

Uh oh, shadow,
Someone is following you.
Oh no, shadow,
Someone is following following me.
Under investigation.

I've got all the information.
Track Name: You're Our Two
Hidden gamble.
Double meeting.
We are the remaining.
Cast afloat on icy water.
Can I really leave?

Apparitions are reminders
Of what will never come back.
We imagine new horizon.
Life infinity.

Rain fall.
White out, empty, damaging.
Ark sailing.
Believe all fools or die.
Track Name: Rrrrrrright
Griffins sing a song of liberty.
Ga-ga, ga-ga.

Melody's popping out.
Oh, hairy lips.
Oompah, oompah.

Yeah, yeah rrrrright.

Viva whee.
Let me sing for liberty.
C'est la vie.
Ring a bell for joy.

Viva whee.
Let me sing for liberty.
C'est la vie.
Ring a bell for joy.

Viva whee.
Singing for the ending.