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Track Name: Tiger Chain
Fallow drama
I'm listening for the fruit to fall, love
Baked in the footlight
Some buttermilk
Free love cult
Lady or the tiger
Our runaway
Summertime hit
Slather me with butter
Ring around the world ash pit

Out in the wide net,
Skan and the owlkin
Know not where their next meal is coming from
Airliner fallopian juke
Open wide up
I'll lift you up
Tiger tail
And I just can't let it go
Track Name: Polly Bee
All my love to the sun in the morning sky

Momma's unhappy all the time

Polly Bee, lead me to the psycho beauty shop
Track Name: A-Town Test Site
A bitter wind pass blow scraps from the table
It whistled in cracks an old haunted stable

The fleas, the flies,
The home in the stove,
The fleas, the flies

Miasma sound a ping in the coke shoot
Old pendleton rags and olfactory glue

The face in the hole,
Closer, father,
The face in the hole
Track Name: Wheely Freed Speaks To The People
All the supramen,
You ought to know

Please honor
Queen mother
We'll call her Deergod

When she eased
Twenty needs
I believe Deergod

All the supramen
Soul to soul
In a row
Ought to know
Track Name: Bendinin
Bendinout again
Bendindown again

See the blue
Make a drink of swill
See the green
Cut into earth and kill

Take the flag with deerhead on
Love dirt mother we're her child faun
Naked in her arms
We fight
Track Name: Itchy P-Pads
Daisy chains
And gravy trains

Chi Chi
Track Name: The Pickup Bear
The Pickup Bear

I know he has a
Pickup Bear
So as to pick up
My friend Black

The Pickup Bear

I know he has a
Pickup Bear
With which to pick up
My friend's back

The Pickup Bear
Track Name: The Comedian Flavorists
Thank you donkey taun-taun
Extra donkey's all gone

Hi, the favorite
Morsel pacer maker
I'm comedian
Flavorist replacer

You were artificially glad
You are accidentally bad
Track Name: Kneil
Alright he wants to
Step in the bucket
Outta sight we got to
Bring in the bucket
Track Name: Carriage (Live)
Carry me to you
Carriage me there
King, queen
Tarny crown
Bendy branch
I'll break first
Track Name: Gold On Black (Live)
Feel a feel it
In your feeta
Feel a feel it
In your seata
Make me
She who