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Kill Rock Stars


by Deerhoof

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released July 13, 1999



all rights reserved


Deerhoof San Francisco, California


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Track Name: Magic Star
Hold my hand
As only one hand can
You are my guide
Hold my hand
You are my only friend
Up in the sky
On a ship
On an airplane, in a car to the star
Valentine you and me valentine

See the one that I desire
She's the magic star
He's the one that I desire
See the magic star
Valentine I love you love valentine
Track Name: Queen Of The Lake
It's gonna get harder and harder
I'll never be free of the water
I'll never never follow my father
I'm gonna be queen of the daughters
The air above no one can swallow
I'm leaving and no one will follow

I'm gonna get out

Lady of pond, Lady of stream
Lady of water, Fishy head queen

You dream of land, your feet are wet
Have you not reached, the island yet
Track Name: The Moose's Daughter
Slippy, sloppy, hoofa, tippy, toppy, floppy
Foot, a foot
Now the moose's daughter
Searching for the water far away
Now the moose's father
Searching for the daughter far away

Circling searching round and round
Each one circling the same trail
Track Name: Satan
And 1 and 2 and 3
Over and over and over
meow meow meow meow
See 3 of me in your tree
Satan is
Track Name: Crow
You see crow of 1, bad
Crow of 2, mirth
You see crow of 3, wed
crow of 4, birth
You see crow of 5, rich
Crow of 6, thief
You see crow of 7, leave
Crow of 8, grief

If you see the crows high in the sky
Cound their number
You'll know the reason why

You see crow of 9, shhh
Crow of 10, sorrow
You see crow of 11, love
crow of 12, tomorrow
Track Name: Flower
A flower to be a flower to see
Now you're second best
Cause you were such a pest
Better than all the rest
Now that you pass the test
Everyone else confessed
The flower
1 2 3 Flower and Me
Let's just see the flower to be
Giving me a wink
You made me stop & think
You are the missing link
Knowing the boat would sink
Knowing my head would shrink
Track Name: Lady People
I took one look at my crazy, crazy
I had enough of my crazy, crazy
We are a lady people
Looking through our keyhole
You and the shady people
Looking through our keyhole
I am in love with my maybe, maybe
I wish that you would know maybe, maybe
Track Name: The Great Car Tomb
Beep Beep Beep
It's the great car tomb on the highway
Beep Beep Beep
There's a great balloon in the skyway
Beep Beep Beep

This is no way for my day to end up
In the car with Mrs. Lane
Out of my pocket comes the means of my escape
To a better place that's near
Start the propeller and look down between your feet
Say good bye to Mrs. Lane
Track Name: Data
Nothing you can do can stop me falling
Nothing you can do can stop me
And the question of hit and run falling

No more no more
Christmas is flowing
Careful with your dream don't scream

Onto wasting it for you
A data a data needs to be shown
A data a data needs to be stored
Needs to destroy